Saturday, August 11, 2007

Redbox And Wegmans

Redbox machines are now offering rentals at Wegman's supermarkets. Rentals are one dollar a nite and must be returned by 7pm the next day. Rent early! You can get a free rental promo code, by giving them your email address here.

You do have to secure it with a credit card or debit card. If it is not returned by 7pm the next day, there are no late fees, you are just charged another dollar. Redbox is a subsidary of Coinstar and McDonald's. Learn more here.

If you live outside the Wegman's store location area, try searching for a Redbox location. The rentals are pretty good too! New releases come out every Tuesday. You can also rent online and then pick it up if you prefer. But you better do it fast, as your time starts when you rent. See FAQ's for more information.

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