Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Excellent Website for Streaming Talk, News, and Radio

This website has listings of all the links to streaming talk, news, and radio of all kinds. It's a great site! If, for example, you have a favorite site like say Dr. Laura, there is a listing of all the stations that carry her live, and some of them are in different time zones and run the show at different times, so it's pretty easy to find something there you can listen in to. There are all kinds of music too. You can browse shows by Type, Syndicator, State, Licensee, and by Format. The name of the website is and I am so excited to have found good links because I love listening to talk radio and NPR and all kinds of news and music stations. The best thing is the multiple channels carrying some of them at different times of the day and night. Go check it out!

One of my favorites I don't find under car advice, is Click and Clack, Tom and Ray, the Car Talk guys. You can listen here though, to them. They are very funny and cool! I'm sure if you go to the NPR links on, you will find them under the schedules too.

If you have a favorite you listen to, please leave a comment about it!

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