Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Works for me Wednesday- kids

My Works for Me Wednesday is to keep a journal of all the things kids say that is cute. Keep it with your phone book or somewhere within easy reach. When you hear something funny, just write it down immediately along with the date. When the child gets older, it'll be a great gift for them. Don't worry about it being all fancy or anything. Don't worry if you didn't start it already, start it now, no matter what age they are. You can also write some things you remember in there too. The important thing is to capture the information before it gets out of your memory! Write anything in there that would make a great tale later in life. When you are no longer here, that book will be there to remind them of how much you cared about them-enough to record all their cuteness.

My entry today: Earlier, my granddaughter (4 yrs. old) had found a misplaced bag of candy from school and their Valentine's day party. It was a small wrapped bag with 3 hershey kisses in it and a small card. All tied in a clear cellophane bag with a ribbon. I said, "Oh, you've got 3 Hershey kisses in there, yummy!" She opened the bag, took out a kiss, handed it to me, and said, "Here Grandma, you want a horsey kiss too?" I didn't think I heard her right, so I said, "a what??" She said, " a HORSEY kiss!" lol

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