Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Backwards Works for Me Wednesday

Today is Works-For-Me Wednesday: The Backwards Edition. That simply means that instead of offering a tip, you ask for one, posting a question that has had you stumped, letting your readers offer advice.

My question is how do I get my dog to sleep all night? Most nights she wakes up every 2 to 3 hours, wanting to go outside. She doesn't even seem to want to go to the bathroom, just to walk outside and roam around. I have tried everything. Once in a great while she will sleep 6 hours at a time. I tried withholding water before bedtime. I tried giving her water before bedtime. That actually worked for one day-or it was a coincidence.

She used to sleep through the night but lately it's gotten worse. She also is not eating her dog food very well. I have always given her Pedigree, and lately she has turned her nose up at it, only wanting to eat what I eat. Now, I went and bought "The Good Life Diet" and she ate that. (It's making me think of that whole Chinese wheat gluten thing.) She won't eat dog biscuits that she usually would eat. She is eating fine, as long as it's not dog food. She is ten years old, a lab, reasonably healthy, just got over an ear infection. She hasn't lost weight at all. Other than her eating and sleeping habits lately, she acts fine. She had a checkup at the vet about 2 weeks ago, and everything was ok. Any ideas? Thanks!

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