Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting a grip-WFMW

This Works for Me Wednesday tip is about mousepads. If you have one of those flimsy, free rubbery cloth mouse pads that they give away, it can double as a jar opener. One day last week, I had a large mouth jar of sauce that just would not open. I was trying to think of a way I could get it open, and spotted my mouse pad sitting there. It was the perfect size, nice and large for gripping the wide lid. One twist, and voila! It was open. Yay! Note: If you have one of those hard, stiff mouse pads, it won't work.

I have another tip too, from my mother! You know those free name labels you get in the mail all the time? She carries some with her and when she comes to places where they have raffles or contests, she just sticks one of those labels right on it, and the only thing left is the phone number. Great idea, eh? Your name is on there all nice and neat, AND readable (if you're left handed like I am) and it's a great time saver. Thanks Mom!

One more tip! This idea comes from my daughter. You know when you are out somewhere and want a cup of coffee, like in a gas station where they have the self-serve coffees and cappuchino? Those cappuchinos are so fattening and sweet, but good! I love those Green Mountain ones. Here's what I do: take a cup of coffee, fill it about 2/3 of the way, then add in some french vanilla cappacino or some almond amaretto, or whatever kind there is. Mix it up, and you get the taste of the cappucino, without all the calories and fat. You won't need cream or sugar, it'll be sweet enough. Experiment and try mixing and taking a sip while you're whipping up your favorite concoction. Thanks daughter!

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