Monday, April 28, 2008

TV-free week ends-or does it?

Well the TV-free week has ended. I barely noticed it not being on. It wasn't hard at all to go without it. I'm going to cancel DISH network as soon as the contract is up. (Should be up in May!) Amazingly, I received a bill in the mail today from DIRECTV, which I haven't had since November of 2006, saying that I owe for 3 pay-per-view movies. $18. 97. HUH? lol I think it's a mistake, since it's going on one and a half years since I've had it! First they call me all the time wanting me to switch, now they send me a bill? I'm going to keep the tv though, for those old home movies and for occasional dvd's borrowed from the library. There are so many good books to read, who needs tv? :)

I hope you will consider turning off your tv.

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