Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Works for me Wednesday Immune system boosters

This worked for me:

A week and a half ago, my daughter had the flu. She was REALLY sick. Neither my 4yr old granddaughter nor I caught it, thank God. I believe that using these 2 products helped us not to catch it. None of us had had a flu shot either.

The children's echinacea has no alcohol in it and is made in Oregon by Herb Pharm, a great company. It matters where you buy it! Check them out! You just add some drops of it to your child's drink, depending on their weight. I bought this at Wegmans.

This raw honey tastes GREAT. You have to try it, I highly recommend it, it's excellent. It tastes 100 times better than normal processed honey you buy at the store. This is raw, with bits and pieces of honeycomb, propolis, and pollen in it. It's made locally in NYS. You can click on either picture for more information about them. People have also said that eating a spoonful of raw honey every day has helped their allergies. It's thick, like a cream.

Note: don't give honey to children under 12 months old!

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