Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finger Lakes National Forest - WFMW

This is where we camped on Memorial Day weekend. It was free! It seems like a very underused area. If you want to get away and go camping try going on Federal or State Forest land for free. Be sure to check out the regulations for your particular area.

We went to Finger Lakes National Forest in Schuyler County and camped. It is NY state's only national forest. There are 16,118 acres on a high ridge in between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. There is even a place for horses and their owners to camp here. There are miles and miles of dirt roads and trails. The Finger Lakes Trail goes through it. It was great. There are a few minor inconveniences, like no bathroom or showers, but we solved that by going to nearby Taughannock Falls State Park and grabbing a shower. If the air and water were warmer, we would have jumped in the pond like a few other brave souls did.

The only money we spent was for gas and the food we brought with us. It was a great feeling returning home and not feeling broke!

There are forest tent caterpillars active right now.

This was the parking lot for where we camped. We walked in a half mile. The first 2 days we were the only ones camping overnight in this area. By Sunday, the lot was full. It was still nowhere near the amount of campers we saw at Taughannock Falls State Park, which resembled a huge parking lot rather than a camping area.

This was our "bathroom."

She got lucky and found a friend fishing who let her throw the fish back in the water!


The birds were amazing. Birds I have never heard before and so loud and so many, wow it was indescribable. A birder's paradise at dawn! Do you know what kind of bird this is?

Heading towards Seneca Lake.

Some horseback trailriders.

Taughannock Falls.

Horseshoe tracks.

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