Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tips on dyeing your hair

My sister, who is a hairdresser, gave me this one. When you go to dye your hair yourself, buy 2 boxes of dye that are somewhat similar in color. Be sure to use the same brand and similar color. Use the same manufacturer! You don't want green hair. Prepare and mix both bottles according to the directions, pour half of each into one bottle, mixing the two colors together. (Yeah you'll be wasting half of it-unless you could find a friend who wants to also color hers, or you have really long hair.) The end result will be a more natural looking haircolor! Speaking of which, mine badly needs it right now lol.

Disclaimer: You may want to consult your hairdresser for her advice. In any case, don't blame me if your color is not what you would like. lol (You can always do the strand test first to double check the end results!)

Here are some other websites that talk about it.

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