Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NY Open Government

This is a website to look up people's salaries who work for the State of New York. It's part of an open government look at how NY spends its money. For example, I found out a prison guard in my family makes almost 50K. Not bad for no schooling and a relatively new job. I wouldn't want that job though. Check out the link, you can also look up other areas of spending too. Also, you can search by entering the last name only.

On a separate link from that site, the Buffalo News has a listing of teacher pensions. Just type in the school district and it will list the teachers and their pension amounts and how long they worked for the school. School district labor contracts are here.

There is a contract search here. There is community project spending search here. It's pretty neat that you can find where your tax money is going to.

Last, but not least, you can search for a job with the State of New York here.

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