Sunday, January 26, 2014

Roasted Broccoli with Garlic and Olive Oil

In the past, I always steamed broccoli. It was so-so. But then a friend told me about the way she cooked it and now I am HOOKED! It is so delicious!! You MUST try this!

First, I buy a 12 oz. bag of steamable broccoli florets in the bag for 99 cents from Aldi's. I found that is the cheapest place to get them. And, if you're worried about calories, even if you eat the whole bag, it is only 100 calories! (Of course the olive oil will add to that, but still..) 

 So, if you want a healthy, delicious meal, try this!!

Take a baking pan, add the frozen broccoli florets to the pan, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil (also from Aldi's for $2.99 for 17 oz bottle) over it all, sprinkle salt and pepper over it, and now here is where I cheat because if I am in a hurry, this only takes a minute to prepare! I buy Badia roasted garlic granules, omg they are SO delicious and I use them in everything. You will love them too!

This is before putting it in the oven:

I put them in and about halfway through, I turn them over so it all gets roasted evenly.

 This is all done and ready to enjoy!