Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Donate your old cell phone and help a soldier call home

Donate your old cell phone and accessories, such as chargers, batteries, blackberries, and pagers. The phones are sold to a recycling company and each phone represents on average about 60 minutes of talk time given to a soldier.

“Americans will replace an estimated 130 million cell phones this year,” says Mike Newman, vice president of ReCellular, “with the majority of phones either discarded or stuffed in a drawer. Most people don’t realize that the small sacrifice of donating their unwanted phones can have a tremendous benefit for a worthy cause like Cell Phones for Soldiers.”

"Cell Phones for Soldiers was founded by teenagers Robbie and Brittany Bergquist from Norwell, Mass., with $21 of their own money. Since then, the registered 501c3 non-profit organization has raised almost $1 million in donations and distributed more than 400,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers serving overseas."

Visit their website here.

You may donate any cell phone(s) in any condition in one of the following ways:

To locate a drop-off center near you, please click here
There are many locations and sure to be one near you. If not, they have a postage paid label you can print out. Or you can mail it yourself.

Send your phones to:

Cell Phones for Soldiers

C/O ReCellular

2555 Bishop Circle West
Dexter, MI 48130

This is a great program, I have a few laying around myself!

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