Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've been tagged

Disneykid has tagged meme and this is my first time at this. Sorry if I don't know what I'm doing! lol Ok, five things I love and five things I hate. Hmm that should be easy! Oh, and I have to tag 4 people...hmmm let's seeeeeeeeee...I tag Ramblings of a Crazy Woman, Tea and Margaritas in My Garden
,Organizing Junkie, and Pear Tree Cottage. Hmm, I wonder if any of them will do it? lol We'll have to see.

10 things I love and hate:
1. I love my family.
2. I really hate people who hurt kids.
3. I love my friends.
4. I hate meat.
5. I love my pets.
6. I hate debt.
7. I love camping.
8. I hate really cold temperatures.
9. I love smiles.
10. I hate having my picture taken.

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