Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Learning Express Library WFMW
This is a new library resource available through my library system, Finger Lakes Library System. You link to it through your library if they have it, and it has all these test guides available in pdf format. It helps you prepare for "a variety of academic and civil service tests, including SAT, GED, ASVAB, clerical worker, police officer, firefighter, postal worker and real estate practice tests. There are math, reading, and writing skill-building resources for all students. Job seekers can receive help in creating a resume and cover letter and tips on preparing for a job."

This is really neat! First you go to your library's website, and log in, then link through there to access this Learning Express Library site. If you're not sure if your library uses it yet, call them and find out. This is for all ages, there is homeschooling stuff, school age stuff, college, and work related and federal government testing materials. There is a link on the page to tell your librarian about if you do not have it yet, for a free trial.

They also have free e-downloads too of books, but since I use an iPod, they are not yet compatible. They are hoping to be soon. Check out your library and take advantage of it! I have membership in 2 different library systems, and a college system, so you don't have to reside in that county or even go to college there to have a membership. It gives you a lot more access to what you need. Don't forget to reserve books ahead of time, and movies. And be sure to renew or return on time to avoid late fees and blocks! It can save you tons of money if you use this valuable resource wisely. Especially for someone like myself, who usually only reads a book once.

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