Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Container Gardening

Container gardening is a good way to have a garden if you have only limited space, a small family, and need portability. Moving this summer? You could take your garden with you! If a severe hailstorm was coming, you could bring the plants inside. Also, if you put them on your deck, you can keep away some of the animals who might be tempted to eat up your plants.

Start with organic seeds. They cost more, but it's better to start out right. Share seeds with friends, or buy from the co-op in bulk. You can use anything for containers, and it's good use of recycling. Start gathering them now. Old boots, baskets, any old containers will work, as long as you make sure there are some holes in the bottom of it for drainage. Make sure they are deep enough too, especially for plants that need deep roots.

Watch this woman plant an herb garden in containers. Herbs are especially good for container planting. She uses diapers! Yes, that's right, she lines the bottom with diapers, which are absorbent and hold in the water.

Here is another guy from Australia with a video showing how to plant in containers.

This woman did an experiment where she lived in a city and planted as many plants as she could on her small lot. She tried to cover nearly every inch of her soil with edible plants to benefit herself and her town. Watch the video!

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