Tuesday, April 15, 2008

IRS Taxes Due Today

Be sure to get those taxes out by today, April 15th, 2008. No later dates this year due to Patriot's Day! There's an added bonus to getting your taxes done by April 15th- you will be receiving a rebate (Stimulus check) from the IRS as long as you filed taxes, and met a few other conditions. To receive a payment, taxpayers must have a valid Social Security number, $3,000 of income and file a 2007 federal tax return. Your kids can even get money too! Here is a calculator to figure the amount you will get back. It will range from $300 to $600 per person.

If you choose to direct deposit your refund, then your stimulus check will also be direct deposited into your account-and much sooner. They go by the last 2 numbers of your social security number. Direct deposited payments will be deposited starting May 2nd, and continuing through May 16th. That compares to checks that are mailed, which begins May 16th and continues through July 11th. Check out this payment schedule to find out when your check is coming!

For more information, check out these FAQ's. There are lots of them!

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