Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WFMW-Rate your Professors and Rate your teachers

Todays Tip:

Did you know there are websites to find how your Teacher or Professor rates? They are graded by students who have taken their classes. I went to the ones I know, and they are pretty close and right on. My daughter's Teachers from high school were on there, and the reviews were exactly how we remember them being. The beloved Art Teacher had excellent ratings and told how the Teacher had a great way with the kids. The History Teacher with no patience was rated accordingly. It's interesting to say the least!

It's helpful if you are thinking about taking a college class, and there is a choice between Instructors-now you can go look and see which one has better ratings. If there is only one posting that looks out of the ordinary from the others, (with a bad review) then that person might have a grudge. So, take the overall picture from what you see, and judge accordingly. Not all Teachers or Professors are on there, but a lot are. You can leave a review on there too. But be sure to be fair. If a Teacher or Professor has been really great, let the world know, and grade them! The Teachers or Professors can respond back on there too.

Watch this youtube video with a Professor who thinks it's a good idea.

(click on the map, then your state, and then your school)

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