Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mennonite Heritage Farm Zwanzigstein Fest

On the first Saturday in July, the Mennonite Heritage Farm in Croghan holds its annual 20 stones Zwanzigstein Fest. We just happened to see the advertisement in the local pennysaver when we were in Canton during our camping trip. Saturday, July 5th, we went to this festival. It was a lot of fun! It was very reasonably priced- $4.00 for adults and my 5 yr old granddaughter was free. It includes all but the food. It even includes horse and carriage rides. They had all kinds of activities going on, and you could go through the house and barns and see all the old things in use. (They are also open at other times too.) The farm is open during July and August, hours vary. Call 315-346-1122, 315-853-6879 or 315-376-8502. It is located at 8778 Erie Canal Rd, Croghan, NY.
My only complaint was that they served 2 different dinners, one a meatloaf dinner and the other a cold plate dinner which contained cold meat and pasta salad. Being vegetarian, I wanted to get the meatloaf dinner without the meat-(it had lots of other good stuff like potatoes and corn)-instead substituting the pasta salad for the meat. The woman serving the dinner said no, you have to have one or the other. I didn't really see what it would hurt to have substituted pasta salad for the meatloaf, but she would not do it. They were both right there to scoop onto the plates. It's not like they were premade or anything. I was willing to pay the higher price for the meat loaf dinner. She was not real pleasant either. They had a lot of meatless food so I just made do with that. But they would have sold another dinner if she had been more accomodating.

Oh well, everyone else there was great and very friendly! I highly recommend going there. In the fall is the Apple Fest, I'm going to try to go to that too!