Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works for me Wednesday-a/c help

This tip comes accidentally from something that happened to me. I had an old window air conditioner in one of the windows and it hasn't blown really cold air for 2 years. I have been using the one in the window as a fan only. My daughter gave me her a/c, as where she was moving she wouldn't need to use it.

Well before we pulled it out of the window, I told her to go outside and bang on it just to make sure there were no bees in it or anything. So she goes outside and bangs around on it and then just out of curiousity, I turned the a/c on. It started blowing icy cold air! lol It works great now. We left it in the window and never changed it. I'm not sure why it started working-what the banging did- but it worked! I figure if it worked on mine, it may work on yours and it's worth a try.

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